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Mixed Choir

A Greater Peace -  a capella

Agnus Dei from Missa Lyrica - String orchestra or Piano

And They Shall Dance from Em. Cello Orchestra or Piano

Be Thou My Vision - Pano, Cello

Bear Me GentlyString orchestra or Piano 

Esto Les Digo - a capella

Eure Kinder - a capella

Every Time - a capella

Eyes of Ocean - a capella

Few Are the Flowers - a capella

Gloria f. Missa LyricaString orchestra or Piano

God‘s Path, Our Journey - Piano or brass quintet

Grace To You and Peace - a capella

Grace To You and Peace - Piano

I Will Lift My Weary Eyes - a capella

In the Bleak Midwinter - PIano, Cello

Kyrie from Missa Lyrica String orchestra or Piano

In the Bleak Midwinter a capella, opt. Oboe

Missa LyricaString orchestra or Piano

My Friends, Life Is Short - a capella

My God Is Real - a capella

O quam to pulchra est - Harpsichord or Piano

Precious Lord - a capella

Puer Natus - a capella

Rock My Soul - a capella

Sanctus from Missa LyricaString orchestra or Piano

Sing to. the Lord a New Song - a capella

This Is the Day - Brass quartet or piano

Two Quatrains - a capella

We Shall Be Lifted Up - Organ, opt. brass quintet

Where 2 or 3 Are Gathered - Piano

You Better Get On Board - a capella

Be Still and Listen - Piano

Women's Choir

A New Day - Piano, opt. BQ

Esto Les Digo - a capella

Listen - a capella

Llamame Cuando Puedas - Piano

Mariposa - Violin

Prayer for the Gifts - a capella

Quienes Se Amaron - Cello

The Paradox - a capella

To Walk In the Light - a capella

Lamme cuando puedas - accomanied


Men's Choir

Listen To Me, My Brothers - a capella

We Three Kings - a capella


Find and Keep - Cello and Piano

Kantiko - Cello solo

Tanjobi no odori - Cello and Piano

Wintertanz - Flute, Piano

Zug nach Shanghai - Piano